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Marcelo i Luiza Almiron Milonga

Luiza i Marcelo Almiron “LOS ALMIS”


This is an Argentinean-Polish couple with a profound and vast experience – both in Argentinean tango and other dance forms as well as body work and dance/movement therapy techniques.

They have 25 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in tango and teaching!!!

His is the only school in Poland  with an Argentinean maestro stright from Buenos Aires (Marcelo) – professional dancer, choreographer and teacher who has a vast experience derived from the best teachers and maestros. His wife Luiza is accompanying him in his life and work. Not only does she learned tango in Buenos Aires but she was teaching there in one of the most popular traditional milongas:  El Beso.

They offer you Argentinean tango from the cradle of tango – from BUENOS AIRES – in all its colours and shades!!!

Marcelo has been dancing tango for more than 25 years now, Luiza for 18 years.

They have been dancing different forms for 35 years now. Marcelo started dancing at the age of 15, Luiza in the primary school. They are very experienced pedagogues. Their method of teaching combines their different experience and unites what is exceptional about each of them:

- Argentinean roots of Marcelo and his experience passed from those who already are not among us but also from contemporary teachers: maestros of canyengue, tango salon, milonguero, tango show (escenario), tango nuevo  and milonga.

- Luiza’s broad dance experience (tango milonguero, tango salon, tango show, tango nuevo and milonga, ballroom dances, salsa, jazz, swing), passion of discovering secrets of the body and psyche (trainings and courses on body work, dance/movement therapy, psychological studies) and more then 20 years of dance pedagogical experience in teaching children and adults.

Their dance is a quintessence of tango, it’s a passion, a sensuousness, a conversation at different levels.

They are one of the few couples in Europe that dance all the tango styles and know how to show and explain their differences and subtle characteristics.

They know very well both old styles of tango and contemporary styles and methods of movement. They find themselves perfectly in milonguero or canyengue and in a broadly understood tango salon. They use lots of tango nuevo solutions and they enrich they dance by dancing tango show (escenario). They are very keen on milonga too.

On regular basis they organize courses, workshops, special seminars and perform many exhibitions in Poland and all over the world.

Luiza: (+48) 501-372-170                       Marcelo: (+48) 506-200-132